OptiSource-Axis-221 Lensmeter

OptiSource-Axis-221 Lensmeter

OptiSource Axis 221 Lensmeter

This finely crafted lensmeter is hand made to the highest standards. The Axis221 Lensmeter uses superior quality optics and includes a prism compensator in its user-friendly design. Large ergonomic knobs are clearly marked for ease of use.


OptiSource-Axis-221 Lensmeter
TargetAmerican Cross-line
Vertex PowerRange: 0D to ±20 diopters
Step0.125 diopters up to ±5 diopters

0.25 at ±5D to ± 20D
Astigmatism Axis0 to 180°, minimum scale value 5°
Prism diopter1diopter intervals in the range of 0D to 20D
Prism base angle0 to 180°, minimum scale value 5°
Eyepiece focus±5D
For lens sizes 30mm to 90mm in diameter
Overall dimensions18" x 6.75" x 9.5"
Weight16 pounds
Lighting lampLED 110V 25W equivalent


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